On limits and boundaries

This is kind of a general reminder to the universe, mostly because I’ve seen several people I care about have their limits and boundaries broken recently – limits and boundaries they’ve set for themselves with good reason.

What does someone setting a limit look like? Some examples:
“I need/I want…”
“I have decided to…”
“Please don’t…”
“This is the last time…”
“This conversation is over.”
“I’m not comfortable with…”

Inappropriate responses to someone setting a boundary include (but are not limited to):
“But have you thought about…” (Or pretty much any sentence that starts with “but”. Seriously, just don’t go there.)
“You should…”
“Just one more thing…”
“This is what I do when…”

The appropriate response? The only one required? Is “okay.” Simple. Straightforward. But so important. Respecting someone’s limits is respecting the fact that they are doing what they feel is best for them at that time, whether or not you agree.

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